What Am I On About?

It's not about you It occurs to me that my first two posts (and another that's percolating that I may also prove unable to restrain myself from writing) tend to support the view that I'm just about writing hitpieces on liberal media.  Well, you know what they say:  Write what you know.  It seems to … Continue reading What Am I On About?



By definition, you can't understand it. The moment you mention a term like "super-human intelligence," it should be self-evident that you've identified something that, practically by definition, you cannot understand, and the only reason for which we would ever seek to develop such a thing is the very fact that it can do things better … Continue reading Superintelligence

Falsifying Economics

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet The most common job in a majority of US States is "truck driver." Tesla is testing an all-electric, self-driving semi truck that can operate autonomously 98% of the time — just needs help in construction zones and the "last mile" between the off ramp and the loading dock.  And Starsky … Continue reading Falsifying Economics

Can We Be Hacked?

[T]he problem is the hijacking of the human mind: systems that are better and better at steering what people are paying attention to, and better and better at steering what people do with their time than ever before. These are things like “Snapchat streaks,” which is hooking kids to send messages back and forth with … Continue reading Can We Be Hacked?

Thinking Collectively

Social Network graph showing connections of different strength.

TL;DR How We Think One of the most important ways in which our brains encode information in the form of grown relationships between neurons is so-called "Hebbian" associative learning, commonly represented in the catch-phrase "neurons that fire together, wire together."  More specifically, in an interaction between two neurons, if the downstream or "post-synaptic" neuron is … Continue reading Thinking Collectively

Ideological Capture

For the uninitiated I’m going to review some background that I believe is generally accepted among experts before I get to the real point, so if you prefer to jump to where I actually tell you what I think it all means, click here.  And if you think this post is worth thinking about, don't forget … Continue reading Ideological Capture

Teen Vogue Writes a Tendentious Article

Turning Critics into Racists My attention was directed to this article published by Teen Vogue, which purports to show that “White male” terrorists are more dangerous than other terrorists. Alas, like most of its kind, this article is riddled with illogic and misleading accounting.  I agree, of course, that we ought to be concerned about … Continue reading Teen Vogue Writes a Tendentious Article