Falsifying Economics

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet The most common job in a majority of US States is "truck driver." Tesla is testing an all-electric, self-driving semi truck that can operate autonomously 98% of the time — just needs help in construction zones and the "last mile" between the off ramp and the loading dock.  And Starsky … Continue reading Falsifying Economics


Thinking Collectively

Social Network graph showing connections of different strength.

TL;DR How We Think One of the most important ways in which our brains encode information in the form of grown relationships between neurons is so-called "Hebbian" associative learning, commonly represented in the catch-phrase "neurons that fire together, wire together."  More specifically, in an interaction between two neurons, if the downstream or "post-synaptic" neuron is … Continue reading Thinking Collectively

Ideological Capture

For the uninitiated I’m going to review some background that I believe is generally accepted among experts before I get to the real point, so if you prefer to jump to where I actually tell you what I think it all means, click here.  And if you think this post is worth thinking about, don't forget … Continue reading Ideological Capture