Vox Overstates its Own Reporting

You keep using that word, but I'm not sure you know what it means.... Vox dot com has this article they seem to be recycling once a week or more lately, in which it claims in its headline and tagline that after Australia banned and confiscated certain weapons in 1996, homicides "plummeted."  It was a … Continue reading Vox Overstates its Own Reporting


Teen Vogue Writes a Tendentious Article

Turning Critics into Racists My attention was directed to this article published by Teen Vogue, which purports to show that “White male” terrorists are more dangerous than other terrorists. Alas, like most of its kind, this article is riddled with illogic and misleading accounting.  I agree, of course, that we ought to be concerned about … Continue reading Teen Vogue Writes a Tendentious Article